Port Novel beta test

Submitted by armanschwarz on Fri, 01/01/2021 - 12:43

Well, if you're reading this then Port Novel seems to be up and running!

This website is an attempt at implementing some of the concepts in the parent idea. I'll start documenting progress and will attempt to use the framework itself (using the meta topic) to track changes and propose new ideas. It's a nifty feature of this framework that it an be used to improve itself, and I'm going to use this time to hopefully identify and resolve some low-hanging fruit before trying to go more public.

It's a Drupal 9.x website with a minimal amount of custom code, running on AWS out of Amazon's US Virgina zone A. The code itself is not super interesting so I don't really see the benefit of sharing the git repo, but I don't really see the harm in it either.

Current Functionality:

  • Users can register and log in. Port Novel is licensed with Google and Facebook so social logins should work as well.
  • 3-way graph functionality is implemented, so users can create Problem, Idea and Realization content and link it against other content.
  • Topics are implemented, with meta being the only topic currently available.
  • A basic Forum is available, which could one day be used to facilitate discussion, feature requests, etc.
  • The user page and front page shows some database views that attempt to present an aggregation of data in a useful way.
  • The pages for individual nodes (such as this Realization node) show linked content on the top, bottom and side.

Basically we've now got the functionality outlined in the parent Idea for this Realization:

Visual representation of how nodes can cross-link
My best attempt at encapsulating the current structure as a directed graph.

I'll maintain a changelog here as new features are added.


2021-01-01: v0.0.3 (first testable version):

First version can be used by the public, at least in theory.

  • Cosmetic changes to theming
  • Renamed "Implementation" to "Realization" following this discussion on stack exchange.
  • Added user page showing recent posts
  • Cosmetic improvements to the front-page view
  • Allow users to register their own accounts
  • Set up Google/Facebook social login licenses
  • Setup a webserver so user can receive emails and authenticate their accounts

2021-01-01: v0.0.2 (added Problems):

  • Added the Problem type, previously just had ideas and implementations
  • Clean URLs rather than numeric garbage
  • Add links to create content, such as implementing ideas or solving problems

2021-01-01: v0.0.1 (Basic starting point):

First version that made it out of docker.